Group classes for Ren Xue discussions


Is harmony in life achievable? And could it happen by itself, or is it something we need to strive for? What is preventing us from achieving a good level of health, inner joy, balance, feeling of freedom, happiness, prosperity, self-realization? And can we go even further and achieve mot just harmony within but harmony also in our relationships with those close to us, with society, with nature? Is there any knowledge and practice that can help us with this? What is the role of our qi, the state of our consciousness, the feelings we nurture in our heart? Does human life have meaning and what is it? Are there universal laws that apply to us humans? The topics of the discussions will be chosen depending on your interests and needs. Their goal is to bring greater completeness, order and clarity to your understanding of life, to eliminate contradictions, to clear doubts and confusion, and to connect everything into a single, meaningful, fruitful and harmonious whole, which will lead to a gradual increase in the quality of your life.


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In order to carry out its activities, Ren Xue Bulgaria relies exclusively on donations. There is no sponsor for our group classes and therefore your personal contribution is important to us. The value of the donation depends entirely on you. Depending on what you can afford, it could be anything from BGN 5 to BGN 25. Your donation* will be accepted with gratitude, regardless of its amount.

* The amount of your annual tax bases can be reduced with donations made during the year. For that purpose, we will issue a document certifying your donation.

The donated amount can be transferred in the following ways .

Online attendance

Participation in the online classes must be requested at least a day in advance so that we could send you a contact link. Classes will be held in the form of conference meetings in Zoom.

In-person attendance

The address of our studio is:

Mladost 2 (Sofia)
bl. 236, ent. 4, fl. 3, ap. 11 (Рашеви)

(see on the map)

(see the studio interior)


The block is located at the last stop of trolleybus №5, on the east side of St. Kyprian Street. It is pink in color and is on the right side of the local community center. Buses №4 and №413 stop in front of the block. The name of the bus stop is 'zh.k. Mladost 2'. The metro station 'Acad. Alexander Teodorov-Balan' is 8 to 10 minutes by foot. Finding a parking space is a bit difficult, but not impossible (check the streets behind the block).


Classes will start at the exact time, so it is advisable not to be late. You can come 5-10, even 15 minutes earlier, make a cup of tea, relax and prepare for the start of the class.


The door of the block opens remotely - you need to press apt.11 button (Рашеви). The apartment door will be unlocked, please enter directly without ringing again.

Please enter the studio with your shoes off. If you wish, you can wear slippers or clean shoes for practice, or bring a yoga mat to step on.


Number of participants: the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are still in place, so it's important to book your visit in advance. This will help us control the number of attendees.


Hygiene and preventive measures against coronavirus: Please come to class only if you have no flu or cold symptoms. After entering, use the provided disinfectant or wash your hands with soap in the bathroom (paper towels are provided for drying). Keep your distance, especially when talking to others. Reduce contact with objects and surfaces to a minimum (we have the responsibility to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, door handles, etc. before each of the classes). We hope that instead of causing annoyance, compliance with all these measures will help you enter a state of security, calm, balance and respect for everything and everyone!


For more information, please contact us (see Contacts )