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Contact our teachers

Vlado Rashev

Qigong teacher & therapist,

M.Sc., Feng Shui Consultant,

founder of Ren Xue Bulgaria

Vlado 04.jpg

Vlado is a certified instructor and qi-therapist with solid practice and international teaching experience in New Zealand, the United States, Sweden, France, and Bulgaria. Vlado has been practicing qigong since 2002. In 2007, he founded the Qigong Center for Self-Healing in Wellington, New Zealand, where he organized regular qigong classes, seminars, and qi therapy.


'My interest in Eastern practices for the body, energy, and consciousness began about 30 years ago when I realized that health, happiness, and harmony in life are achievable if (1) you have the relevant knowledge and (2) apply it consistently in life.


There are plenty of teachings and practices around; they all have their value. However, those that can help us to develop life in its entirety are very few. I chose and dedicated myself to Ren Xue because I found in it a unique combination of depth and comprehensiveness. Ren Xue takes into account the specifics of our time and gives us the knowledge and effective means to change our lives for the better. The mysteries and magic of life gradually unfold before us. The harmony of our relationships with society, nature, the universe, and ourselves grows; we become healthier and happier; our sense of wellbeing increases; life becomes more and more meaningful.


The first 3-year training program with Yuan Tze (2003-2006) had a deep and lasting effect on me. Then the decision to change the direction of my life came naturally - a year later, I quit my job as an IT consultant and set up my own qigong and qi therapy center. I continue this activity today, with enthusiasm and eagerness, in Ren Xue Bulgaria.'

Contact Vlado on

0877 239 231 (within Bulgaria)

or send him a message:

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Address of the studio in Sofia (Bulgaria):

Mladost 2
bl. 236, entry 4, fl. 3, apt. 11

( map location )

Violetta Petrova

Qigong instructor and qi-therapist, founder of Creative Motion, a qi-therapy and training center in Wellington, New Zealand

V CP 2.jpg

'Before I met Yuan Tzе, I hadn't heard of qi, I knew very little about Chinese medicine, and nothing about Ren Xue. I began to practice Yuan Gong with bewilderment, curiosity, and many doubts; I wanted to test through my own body the amazing effect of these famous exercises, which are considered miraculous.


Now, 15 years later, I don't miss a day without exercising. The extraordinary effect of Yuan Gong on my own health quickly melted the doubts and bewilderment, but it did not erase the curiosity, because the results far exceeded all my expectations. I was able to cure long-term heart disease and now I continue to clear the lesions in various organs and systems of my body. But what I rely most on is what Ren Xue does with chi energy and spirit. This is a unique system that imperceptibly develops our natural, innate, but stunted healing abilities; it liberates our spiritual potential and positively transforms our character.


We heal, raise our own lives to a new level, and we can alleviate and heal the pain and suffering of other people, near and far. But that's not all: Ren Xue is a lifeline that could lead us without injury through the uncertain times we live in now, to a more sensible and meaningful human existence and development.'

Send Violetta a message:

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