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Юан Мин терапия - общо

Yuan Ming is a unique discipline that uses the natural resources of man, nature and the universe to eliminate the root causes of disease. It adopts and develops to a higher level the Chinese medical philosophy and practice, according to which life is a inseparable unity of qi, body and consciousness.

Ancient Chinese healers discovered that physical and mental ailments and diseases were associated with disorders in the body's qi system. In Yuan Ming, restoring qi balance is extremely important, but it goes hand in hand with working on the mind. If we achieve a balance on these two levels, the body begins to recover quickly and the physical symptoms of the disease gradually disappear. Yuan Ming helps us recognize unhealthy behavioral, emotional and mental habits and replace them with those that guard against new diseases.

With the help of Yuan Ming, one can work to eliminate both the bodily symptoms and their deepest causes, rooted in the emotional and mental system of the person. The ultimate goal of this therapy is not only to achieve healing, but also to correct the direction for the further development of life. The therapeutic arsenal includes techniques for the body, ways to cultivate the qualities of the heart, and programmatic approaches to developing and raising the level of consciousness. Most of them work in sync with the Yuan Gong practice. This way, qigong practice and Yuan Ming therapy complement each other and together form a complex for overall healing and further development of human potential.

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