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A survey of 65 participants at one of the regular two-week Ren Xue retreats showed that 80% of the participants had an obvious improvement in their health status and gradual subsidence of disease symptoms.


What do we actually do when we practice Yuan Gong?​

  • We recharge the body with pure universal qi (energy)

  • We improve the movement of chi in the body's meridians

  • We purify the qi of the physical body, including the qi of the internal organs 

  • We harmonize and cultivate the qi of consciousness

Here are some examples of the results we can achieve through this practice:

  • Improving and clearing existing health problems, including chronic diseases that modern medicine does not treat

  • Improving the functions of the internal organs

  • Prevent new diseases

  • Normalization of blood pressure

  • Regulation of metabolism

  • Reducing the risk of heart attack

  • Development of mental clarity and focus

... and much more! You may ask 'Why?'.  

In Yuan Gong, we work with qi and consciousness. These are the two active factors that determine the state of the physical body and the direction in which our health and well-being change. Qi and consciousness are the basis of absolutely all life processes, and therefore there is virtually no aspect of life that is not beneficially affected by the practice of Yuan Gong. If we had to list everything, the list would be extremely long!

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Yuan Gong was featured in a one-hour interview organized and broadcast by the TV1 team on January 23, 2023.

(click on the image to launch the player. NB - please be patient, it may take a while for the TV1 page to load.)

Встъпително събитие


Recording of the introductory session

“Yuan Qigong - what is it?”

(the multimedia presentation can be downloaded in PDF format here)

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