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Testimonials from Full Moon Retreat experiences

On 24 Jan 2016, the Qi-field of the Full Moon Retreat brought together 35 people from New Zealand, the USA, Australia, Argentina, Canada, the UK, Belgium, and Mexico.  We had a day full of Yuan Gong practice, Yi-Qi-therapy, and discussions on life cultivation. Since then more than 20 Full Moon retreats have been held online. Here are some of the testimonials we have received:

‘Dear Vlado,

I want to tell you that I have had a very deep sleep after doing the Qi Field and this morning I notice that I have no pain on my knees and on my Lumbar area.

I am very happy and surprised of the healthy knees and vertebrae, no pain at all, I am so thankful.

Thanks again



‘I truly enjoyed the retreat. Due to the difference in time, I attended the Retreat the following day after your Retreat. I enjoyed doing the different methods, with you guiding us through Tian Yuan, Di Yuan and Ren Yuan and found them valuable both to me as a student and as a teacher. I was able to go deeper into the methods when you guided us and will definitely incorporate these new ideas and warm up exercises into my classes. I have actually shared them with two of my Yuan Gong classes and my students were extremely excited and happy about the new information they received from you regarding how to practice the methods. They also enjoyed learning the warm up exercises too. I am learning to be a better teacher from your teachings.

I also enjoyed the Ren Xue discussion, the sharing of the participants and the interaction regarding the pattern of overgeneralization. I felt as if I was really there for the discussions. My heart opened up so many times throughout the one day retreat.

I especially enjoyed the Group Xin-Qi Harmonization/Self Healing class where my body became very relaxed and calm. I especially appreciated the special healing on my neck, received from you during the Healing. I have to say, my neck pain has greatly improved; it is not as tight and the pain has disappeared.

With Appreciation, Gratitude and Wu Xin,

Shirley Lee’

'Dear Vlado,
I want to convey my deepest gratitude for the Full Moon Retreat. I have been struggling lately and have felt out of sorts. My monkey mind has been on overdrive. The retreat allowed me to be focused, relaxed and calm. I especially enjoyed hearing from everyone during the discussion. Once again, thank you!
With Gongjing,
Toni Lee'

'A deep and relaxing, focused Qifield on Vlado's retreats brings joy and calm. It is a beautiful "reset" button when we get distracted from our natural state.
Thank you, Vlado for creating this beautiful way for our community to connect and grow together.

'Dear Vlado, It was a pleasure and an honor to spend time in the energy field with you and the others. Thank you so much for the time, attention and love that you brought to all of us, and to the world.
With blessings of Qi,

'Deep gratitude for the beautiful experience of being supported & nourished in a very magical healing Qi Field-thank you for holding this space for us Vlado it was a blessing to have the opportunity to deeply connect(from the other side of our planet!) & also to see all the lovely teachers smiles during the discussion. Jen'

"Hi Vlado,

I do not even know where to start :) Amazing is an understatement.

With the first session I was sold on learning more about qigong.

I am a complete beginner and feel like a child at Christmas with excitement about learning more and your next retreats.:)

I have completed my reiki masters a few years back and so I could really connect with your group and feel the "chi". I felt at times I was with the group. Also on the topic of oneness (what a topic) I just soaked up all the information while you all spoke and have been reflecting on it all morning.

I have been off track lately with my journey and have been searching for that something in my life. I now have it :)

Thank you Vlado and your wonderful group.

Much love and light,

"Hi Vlado,

Thank you so much for reaching out and informing me of these course offerings! I have signed up for the Beginners course and am really looking forward to it. Yes, please add me to all mailing lists, thank you.

I had the most beautiful experience during the full moon retreat. I woke up in a good state and my energy was good all day long. I have you to thank for creating such a powerful chi field!

I also believe having read most of Wellbeing Begins With You and the bit of qi gong teachings from Kim Knight I’ve had have helped me to have better understanding and trust therefore allowing for more connection in the chi field. I was able to do far more than I believed I would be able to.

I was amazed that I was able to not only stand for periods of 30 minutes at times, I was able to move my body following along with most of the exercises, too. I had to take breaks at times, mostly for back pain, but got right back into it knowing how beneficial it was to. I really pushed myself and had faith the chi field would support me. Having this faith brought great rewards and healing. I have not done this much movement in over 3 years. I have been bound to bed and wheelchair for the most part. Moving again brought so much joy to my heart, but experiencing the uplifting energies in the qi field added to that joy. The joy continues as I have been able to do roughly 30 minute qi gong sessions nearly every day since whereas before this would not have been possible.

I could feel an even greater shift when the full moon rose here where I live. I had a greater increase in energy which was fortunately when we did the hardest exercises, Ren Yuan I believe. I was able to do the entire session without a break. It was remarkable to me.

My day completed sitting by my window with a grateful heart thanking the bright moon. It created such contrast between the snow and the tree shadows in my yard, like a giant slab of carrara marble or artwork on the ground. It was like nothing I had ever seen, so beautiful. I could sense things were going to change and this has proven true.

I have made other great changes in my life recently which I know have helped in my recent healing including the monumental healing work I am doing with Kim along with a very healthy diet to support my physical body. I know, though, that this retreat was an essential part of my healing journey.

To say the full moon retreat was healing for me is an understatement. I am so grateful beyond words. I have developed faith in the greater source energy that surrounds and supports all of us over the past years while spirit has had me on a fast track of learning in my search for healing and now I feel I have arrived at my destination with qi gong. I am so happy that I am now able to directly connect with this divine energy. Having trust in the world has been a difficult thing for me in my life, which I believe holds a huge part behind having CFS. I can feel myself opening up more and more to the universe as I practice. I am very hopeful that with the help of qi gong I will strengthen my energy and trust so I no longer experience the empath energy depletion I do when I am around others.

Thank you Vlado for your beautiful teachings and giving the right amount of guidance for me as a beginner, and thank you for making it possible to learn qi gong where I live. I really look forward to learning more from you and receiving more wonderful benefits of qi. I also want to thank everyone in the chi field offering their energies and open hearts.

With great appreciation and a big smile,

"Dear Vlado

It was a privilege to be a part of the Full Moon Retreat on Oneness on sunday. The qifield felt beautiful. And full of very special information. This created an experience for me at times (especially during tian yuan practice) of qi leading the body, I felt so happy to experience this. Also, I would like to compliment you on the extremely caring, thorough and very skilled way you run these events, from each organisational detail through to their completion. They do you proud!



"Good morning to you Vlado,

I'm writing to tell you how wonderful it was to experience your retreat.

With each session it kept getting more and more beautiful, the Qi felt very strong and the discussions were very thought provoking, and very open hearted.

I especially loved how you ended, the future ahead is bright and I look forward to sharing some of it with you again.

sincere gratitude and the brightest of Qi

"Suffice to say that I loved it!!! I was only able to do three live sessions, but I enjoyed them no end. I watched all seven sessions afterwards. My really favourite session was the HEALNG SESSION listed at the very beginning. I have listened to it several times and it has done me a lot of good. In my opinion, this has been the most beneficial healing session I have ever received from you. I cannot thank you enough.

What I liked most about the whole retreat was the spirit underlying it, which I could really feel. When doing Tian Yuan live with the group I felt a tremor/shaking in my legs as I had never experienced before. I think this was because of my connection to the Qi Field. I was really "into" the practice 100%.

The other thing I enjoyed about the retreat was the opportunity to review everything I have done so far and to watch the movements once again, particularly those of the third method.

Brightest Qi,


"I was one of the last-minute attendees to the August Full Moon retreat at Vlado’s Self-healing Centre. It was really last minute decision and now I am very happy that I did not miss this opportunity.

I was thinking from time to time that it would be good to spend a day practising Yuan Gong but never went any further than imagining how good this would be. Vlado went further. He not just organised such a day, chose the right time for it, wrote well-thought and perfectly balanced programme, created wonderful Qi-field, but also kindly invited people to join and share.

This was really out-of-squаre thinking that took us out of the mundane inertia. It took me time and effort to build up my daily routine of practising Yuan Gong and turn it into a habit. But when I finally did it I often felt that there was something missing there. I tend to forget that this practice has special significance, and its value is meant to illuminate everything else you do during the day. Instead, Yuan Gong has become something like brushing my teeth every morning and evening, not that inspiring and uplifting moment that breaks through the mundane and gives you a glimpse into the big picture of life.

And suddenly, Vlado offered me a chance to challenge my habitual way of practicing and thinking of Yuan Gong. A day-long practising Yuan Gong would certainly make you see more than the technique in it. It would point beyond itself, precisely where it should, to the wider foundation we need to stand on if we are to move further on and uplift our lives.

With all these in mind in the eve of the Fool Moon, I immediately made decision to attend the event and at 6.35 next morning I was at Vlado’s doorstep. Was it the Moon’s strong Qi to blame when people suddenly step out of their daily routine?

What happened during that day was beyond my expectations.

Vlado made anything necessary to help us get into a very calm, relaxed and natural state and to discover the joy within. In his quiеt, soft, and kind manner Vlado talked us through the exercises while taking care of every detail. He lead us smoothly through the balanced alternations of stillness and motion, silence and sound practice. There was stillness long enough to be able to hear the silence within; there was motion lasting just enough to retain the stillness within; there was intense awareness of the present moment and constant reminders to focus inside and discover the internal source of the calmness, joy, love and harmony.

Vlado was teaching through example. He was leading the practice in a very calm and natural way, with the ease of experienced teacher and the eagerness of a close friend who wishes the very best for you. Joyfully and effortlessly, he took care of everyone and everything: the beginners, the senior students, the part-time participants, the individual needs, and the late-comers. As a master of his qi-field, he made sure there were strong healing information in it. The qi-field became the most precious gift he has prepared for us and Vlado made sure it was strong and stable to the end of the day and beyond.

For several days after this day of practice I experienced the healing effects of this qi-field. Despite some reactions, my mind and my body enjoyed the serenity, relaxation, and calmness that you want to be within you forever. Once you experience it, you would do anything to get in this state again and again.

Thank you for the generous gift, Vlado!

I really hope you will make this retreat a regular Full Moon day of practice. It was brilliant idea and it would be great to have this unique opportunity to get out of the square every month around the Full Moon night.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"Hello Vlado,

Much gratitude to you for the beautiful day in the Full Moon Qifield.

The Qifield was very strong, time "stood still," and more and more harmony was restored to my Jing, Qi and Shen.

So very very nourishing. Thank you! I am looking forward to our next Full Moon. If it works for you, I hope you will offer this opportunity again.

Much Qi and Gratitude,


"Hi Vlado

Thank you for organising the retreat! I was able to participate in all of the sessions live online and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely do it again. It worked particularly well for me being able to participate live due to it being on a weekend and only two hours time difference. It made it more like a retreat for me because I put everything else aside for the day. I was in need of that so the timing was perfect. I have been feeling much gratitude. :)

I thought you did a great job of organising the retreat. The content and timing were great and I could see and hear everything clearly.

I enjoyed your guidance and comments for the practice and it was great having everyone together, from beginners to teachers. I particularly enjoyed practicing the sounds for Xia Yuan before the actual practice.

With much gratitude

"Hello Vlado

I thought the full moon retreat day was great. I liked how the methods were light and easy. Loved the way there was a 2 hour lunch to just be before the static exercise. Also liked the way the methods were a great length.

The whole day flowed beautifully and naturally.

Deep calm Shen and harmonious Ling!

"Hi Vlado, the online retreat worked perfectly for me. I managed to join live with you all for session six and then replayed all the recordings in order yesterday, it was brilliant, I learned a lot and really felt the connection to you all. I am extremely grateful to you for organizing the event and would love to participate in another one if you decide to run one in the future. It was a wonderful opportunity to feel a sense of belonging to the Ren Xue community and to deepen my practice, I really enjoyed your direction, as your guidance brought new insight and understanding to me so thank you for this.

I think what you are offering is so valuable to the Ren Xue community. It was so nice to be able to connect with everyone I felt like I was there, the event and camera were really well set up and it was so lovely at the end when everyone present with you came and waved to all of us online, I have been playing this session each night since:)

Sending a bright Qi smile, Sharon"

“Thank you Vlado, I very much would like to continue and for me I believe this event was a big success. No need to change anything. Every Full Moon would be great if not more often even. I found it to be very powerful and would love to work with you more closely in this capacity. I am used to practicing on my own at this stage yet I am open to improving that situation. It was lovely to feel more united. I continue to use your video sessions each day now and really find them so helpful to go deeper and clear out some stubborn patterns maybe even health issues that I have never liked to own.

Qifully Susan”

“Dear Vlado, from the deepest place in my heart to yours.......THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I really needed this day long retreat. It was amazing. I am still connecting with the qifield and watching the tapes daily.

It would be great if we could have another full moon retreat before the teachers are in training with Yuan Tze.

I really really appreciate all the organizing and time you took to prepare this event. It was lovely!

Much love, appreciation, gratitude, and gongjing, Tara”

"Wow! Thanks, Vlado, for offering that full moon practice.

Sometimes during the practices I experienced xin fa. During the thing you do after pulling qi, where one hand is relaxed and resting on a thigh and the other spins the qi in slow circles, I became the spiralling – no inside/outside, self/other, just spinning qi. When I fell asleep, qi was still swimming through and around me.

I learned a great deal, intellectually, physically, and xi- wise from your teaching.

Thanks again for a great practice

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