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Ren Xue is based on the understanding that life is an inseparable unity of matter, qi and consciousness. In order to be able to progress in our development, it is necessary to cultivate all three elements simultaneously. If our focus is only on one or two of them, the one that remains neglected will become an anchor that stops the development of the other two. Many of the problems we are facing today, including health, are due to ignorance or disregard for this basic holistic principle.

Why do we work with qi in Ren Xue?

Qi is the most neglected element of human life in the modern world. In fact, most people don't even know it exists.


According to Chinese culture, qi is the building block of everything in the known universe. Under different names, a similar concept exists in other cultures (for example, "pneuma" in ancient Greece, "prana" and "akasha" in India, "life force / energy" in European cultures). But only Chinese culture has not lost interest in the study and practical application of this phenomenon throughout its cultural history.


Knowing and using the laws of qi can expand and raise our understanding of other aspects of life to a completely new level. For this reason, qi is at the heart of every area of ​​Chinese civilization: from medicine and home design, to the tea ceremony and the doctrine of the origin of the universe. Studied and systematized since ancient times, the laws of qi have determined the culture and way of thinking, as well as the structure of society and life in the country for thousands of years.


Qi is the thing that makes up the "fabric" of the universe. It is an integral part of objective reality and participates in one way or another in absolutely all events in the world, starting with things that happen at the level of the elementary particles, going through the things that we, the humans, can directly perceive and ending with the events on a galactic scale. Without knowledge of something so essential to life, humanity's quest for more harmony and happiness may remain forever unfulfilled.


Ren Xue and the laws of life

Ren Xue, along with its two constituent systems, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming, is a comprehensive set of theoretical knowledge about the laws of life that comes with a thorough practical guidance on how to use these laws to improve our health and achieve more happiness, prosperity, self-realization.

For example, in Ren Xue, you will learn that the law of gathering and dispersing of qi is universal and valid for both the macrocosm and man. When qi gathers, material bodies are formed; when qi is dispersed, material bodies transform back to non-material qi. Everything in the universe is in a process of constant transformation, although different forms of qi perform these transformations over different periods of time.

Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming use the action of this and other universal laws in their therapeutic techniques and in the methods of cultivating life.

Success in life depends on our ability to create the inner conditions for our own individual prosperity and development. Matter, energy and spirit are so deeply connected that in order to achieve significant progress in life, it is necessary to take care of all three at the same time. That is why Ren Xue unites physical health, the harmonization of qi energy and the elevation of spirit and consciousness in a single process. All exercises and techniques have a multifaceted effect, as they actively transform and direct the matter of the body, energy and consciousness in the most productive direction.

Ren Xue's mission

Within Ren Xue, body, energy, and consciousness are seen as three different manifestations of qi. Here, qi-consciousness (where the element of information is most pronounced) manifests itself in the role of "master." Its ability to cause changes in the other two forms of qi, and to direct their movement and development is greatest.

Ren Xue's mission is to help our own "producer of information" - our consciousness - to fully exercise its leadership role. Everything you learn at Ren Xue is aimed at this goal: freeing the mind from what blocks its natural inherent potential.

The universal laws of qi unite man and everything around him into a single organism. Although we feel like independent individuals, we all are deeply connected at the level of qi. Even if we want to, we cannot isolate ourselves on a lonely island of happiness and health. Because we are an integral part of humanity, each of us shares the common destiny of human qi, and all together share the destiny of our planet.


Therefore, the first fundamental principle in Ren Xue is:


Uplift your life (by bringing into it more health, happiness, sense of wellbeing, and self-realization)


Help others achieve the same.

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